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Project Engineer/ Project supervisor

Posed on:19-11-07   Working location:Lun jiao    Vacancy:3    Salary:negotiated


1.  Major in mechanical engineering, mold design or mechatronics, colleague degree or above;

2. More than 3 years’ working experience in product design or product process of home appliances or electromechanical products, familiar with product structure and project management. Different product project background can be assigned to corresponding project team;

3. Proficient in design software PRO-E, CAD and daily office software;

4. Familiar with hardware and plastic mould structure, and know well the property of plastics;

5、Diligent and positive, able to work under pressure;


1、Responsible for new product project introduction, customer communication and technical standard confirmation;

2、In charge of new project design, performance and structural design including 3D and 2D drawing, and out sourced parts confirmation;

3、Follow up product prototype approval, revision and confirmation of design;

4、Release mould documents, follow up the mould making ad confirm the trial sample;

5、Responsible for project sample preparation, pilot run, and assist for manufacturing technique design;

6、Optimize the product design and improve design flaws.


Injection Engineer

Posed on:19-11-07   Working location:Shunde / Anhui    Vacancy:1    Salary:negotiated


1、Male, age from 30 to50, major in mould design and manufacturing, polymer material, injection molding, mechanical engineering or mechatronics, colleague degree or above;

2、More than 5 years’ working experience in injection process adjustment, familiar with operation of imported and domestic injection machine, with solid theoretic foundation and strong operation ability manually;

3、Skillful in analysis and optimizing the injection molding products, familiar with property and application of common engineering plastics, with strong ability to analyze and solve the quality problem;

4、Familiar with the structure and principle of mould and injection machine, have a deep understanding of comprehensive technique application between injection machine, mould, plastic material and injection process, with strong practical operation ability;

5、Proficient in computer operation and daily office software, preferred if able to use design software such as CAD or PRO-E.


1、Responsible for structural assessment and design optimization of new injection products;

2、Review new project mould and follow up mould process;

3、Assess and improve new product injection process;

4、Analyze the injection quality problem, propose action plan and follow up with correction;

5、Monitor the manufacturing technique of injection products.

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